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A built-in is part furniture and part trim carpentry which becomes a permanent structure of your home. The design possibilities and uses for built-ins are endless- from bookcases, to closets, to a bar, to a media centre, to storage with style and more.

Before During Finished Coat Closet

When first thinking about built-ins, you need to decide on the location, the purpose and the look you are trying to achieve. Then consider are there switches and outlets that need to be integrated or moved? Is there a door or windows that need to be worked around? What about vents or cold air returns? And are there any appliances, sinks or other obstacles that need to be incorporated in your built-in design?

The last thing to think about is that, you are trying to fit a square project into an unsquare world where walls bulge, ceilings can slope and floors can have dips and dives in them. An experienced carpenter and custom cabinet maker has knowledge and skills that will keep your built-in construction looking square and beautiful in that unsquare world.

Now it's time to for you to think about and design a custom built-in, that is stylist and functional. Give us a call at Inspirational Wood Works so that we can help you with this process.

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