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Exterior Stairs

Stairs, even exterior ones, are primarily for function but can provide even your outdoor space with style. Stairs can have a large impact on the visual appeal of your deck or porch as they can be minimal and understated, or prominent and grand. They help create the style you want and still provide the function and safety you need.

Whether you want to recover or rebuild your stairs, there are a few things you need to think about first:

  • is the stair structure solid or should it be replaced?

  • are all the existing steps all the same height or length-if not this could cause a tripping hazard and you should replace them

  • do you need a landing pad (the flat surface made of concrete, pavers or gravel at the bottom of your steps)?

  • what kind of material do you want your stairs made out of: pressure-treated wood, cedar or composite material? This is a personal choice. One that comes down to the look you want and your budget. Take the time to price out different material so that you know how much it may cost.

  • what about a handrail? Do you need one or want one? Stairs with three or more steps should have a railing on at least one side.

  • what about lighting? Not only does it add to the visual impact of your stairs at night but it is a great safety feature!

  • have you checked local building codes to see what you can do or can't do?

We can help you navigate through the process of replacing, rebuilding or even adding a new set of exterior stairs. Please contact us!

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