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Feature Walls: Man-Made Barn Board

During the last blog we discussed authentic, reclaimed barn board. Today we will talk about your other choice if you want to achieve a rustic look for a feature wall or nook: a man-made barn board.

Man-made barn board can give you the charm, warmth and character of reclaimed barn board but with a few differences. It is definitely easier to source out so if you aren't willing to wait for reclaimed barn board or are on a timeline then this might be for you.

This type of wall covering comes in uniform widths but varying lengths and tones of brown and gray. The boards themselves fit tighter together, with smaller gaps, then reclaimed barn board but it is still recommended that you use something to make the wall behind the board dark so you do not notice the gaps (*see below for a tip). The boards themselves are still rough to the touch but do not need to be cleaned/brushed before hanging on your wall.

To give you an idea of the difference between man-made and reclaimed barn board, here are two pictures. This one is man-made barn board used on a bedroom wall.

Here is an example of reclaimed barn board on a bedroom wall.

So now you know the differences between these two products that can both give the rustic look you have been dreaming of. All that's left is to make a decision about what type of barn board you want and to give us a call so that we can help you create your dream feature wall!

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TIP: when using barn board on a wall, first put up tar paper (for roofs) on the wall you are doing. Then put up your barn board. The black tar paper will camouflage any gaps you have between boards and conceal the paint behind the boards on the wall. It is also a lot easier to put this paper up instead of painting your wall black!

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