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Feature Walls: Reclaimed Barn Board

One of the simpliest ways to change the look of a room is to add a feature wall. There are so many styles or ideas for you to choose from. Rustic is one style that seems to be very popular. If you decide to do a rustic feature wall, you will need to choose between authentic, reclaimed barn board or a man-made product that looks like barn board. Today we will discuss authentic, reclaimed barn board.

Reclaimed Barn board can provide a feature wall full of texture, warmth and history. It can become a piece of artwork in your house or a conversation piece!

So what do you need to know about authentic, reclaimed barn board? Finding reclaimed barn board can be difficult as it depends on the supply of old barns that have been torn down. Barn board can come in varying colours and sizes and once hung on your wall, it can have gaps between the boards (see below for a tip to help hide these gaps!). Before using it for a project, barn board needs to be cleaned with a wire brush to get the years of dirt and dust off of it-remember, it was on a barn for all those years!

Reclaimed Barn board walls are a beautiful piece of artwork that can be a show stopping feature in your house. They are a feature wall that provides beauty, history, warmth and character. Are you ready to add a feature wall or nook in your house?

TIP: when using reclaimed barn board on a wall, first put up tar paper (for roofs) on the wall you are doing. Then put up your barn board. The black tar paper will camouflage any gaps you have between boards and conceal the paint behind the boards on the wall. It is also a lot easier to put this paper up instead of painting your wall black!

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