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Interior Stairs-Stylist or Functional or BOTH!

A staircase in your home is a permanent feature of your house design and style. It is not something that you change as easily as a coat of paint. Therefore careful thought and planning should be taken when designing and/or constructing your stair case.

The best way to get ideas for your new or improved staircase, is by looking at the many examples of stairs in design magazines or even on the internet. Look at how they have been constructed and of what type of material; have they been re-stained or painted out or even a combination of stain and paint; have they changed the railings and spindles; or they a complete new set of stairs. From here you can see how these examples fit in with the overall design of the house and should help you start to feel as to whether you want to make your staircase a feature of your house even if it is tucked away in a corner.

Your staircase doesn't need to be just a functional access way for you and your family from one level to the next in your home. It can be more! It all comes down to your style and what you want to achieve by changing your stairs. Will they be a piece of art, a functional way to move around your house or a hand crafted set of stairs that will tell a story.

Here are some examples of stairs and railings that we have designed and completed for previous clients:

When you are ready to discuss your stairs, whether new or newly designed/renovated, please contact us. We are here to help!

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