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Is your Dryer safe?

Your clothes dryer: an appliance that most of us use to help make our day to day household jobs easier, but one that we probably don't think about it's safety or how it is vented. This blog will go into the detail of how dryers should be vented and why.

When venting your dryer you should use rigid 4 inch pipe. Rigid pipe is smooth on the inside so that lint doesn't get trapped as easily. There are no bends or sags in it and can not be easily crushed if you happen to move your machine back into it.

We all know that our dryer has a lint trap and we are suppose to clean it after every use. But did you know that it doesn't trap all the lint! A secondary lint trap is a way to collect the excess lint that could be trapped in your dryer line. It a simple box that mounts to your wall in the middle of your dryer run, in an accessible location. It opens easily to clean out the lint.

Here is a dryer exhaust or a wall cap that is located on the outside of your house. An insulated wall cap with a secure damper is an energy efficient choice as it does not allow the air to flow back into your laundry room.

All of these items provide safety, energy efficiency and functionality to your laundry room. Sometimes the "non" beautiful renovations are the ones that make the best sense! If you are interested in this for your dryer, please contact us!

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