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Kitchen Cabinets: to paint, reface or replace?

Are you looking around at your kitchen thinking about changing it? You can either renovate your kitchen (which involves reviving or repairing it) or you can remodel your kitchen (which means to alter the room). In today's blog we will talk about your kitchen cabinets as they provide function as well as style for your kitchen.

When talking about cabinets, you have three choices: to repaint, reface or replace. What do these all mean?

  • Painting your cabinets can give your existing cabinets an almost new look. The cost to repaint cabinets can be budget friendly but you need to seek out a durable paint product and ask yourself if your cabinets and drawers are in good enough shape and are you happy with your current hardware including handles, style of hinges and knobs. If you are thinking of doing it yourself, you need to be cautious. First: it is very hard to maintain a painted cabinet as the paint seems to attract dust and dirt and as you try to clean them, you may strip away the paint. Second: cabinets tend to have a lot of detail, making it hard to cover nicely with paint. Last: the other thing you need to be aware of is that after painting your existing cabinets they could begin to crack and show the normal expansion and compression that happens with indoor temperature changes (heat on in the winter, A.C in the summer) . Below is an example of this.

If you choose to repaint your cabinets, we would suggest you look for a professional to do this, as they will have the right tools and resources.

  • Refacing cabinets involves replacing the doors, drawers and hardware. the idea of refacing is to provide a new look to your existing cabinet structure. This process is advised for homeowners who like the current layout of their kitchen cabinets but are not satisfied with the look or condition of their cabinet doors, drawers and hardware. If you wish to give the impression that your kitchen cabinets are new; if you want to enhance the look of your kitchen without spending money on all new cabinets; if you are happy with the layout and function of your existing cabinets, then refacing will not only give you a new look but will add value to your home. Here's an example of a kitchen where the cupboards were refaced, new hardware was added as well as a backsplash of tile:

  • Replacing cabinets usually means you have decided that you are doing a complete or partial kitchen remodel. This is when you can change the layout of your cabinets and function by adding more cabinets for storage or by adding specialty cabinets and drawers for items such as pots, spices or pantry items. The downfall to this choice is that this is the most expensive out of the three choices but it is the only one that allows you the freedom to completely change the flow, function and style of your kitchen.

When you are ready to talk about your cabinets and how you want your kitchen to look and feel, please contact us!

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