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What about these feature walls?

If you are still thinking about a feature wall to enhance your wall/room, but Barn Board is a little too rustic for your style , then here are some other options.

Different thicknesses of wood and types of trim can be used to create geometrical patterns or designs on on a wall to give you the look you are trying to achieve. From classic to funky, these materials can be applied to partial walls, hallways, dining rooms or even on one wall for a dramatic effect. If you like this idea, but are not sure what kind of design you would like, then search the internet as the possibilities are endless. Let your creativity shine!

Here are a few of our examples that we have installed for clients:

Another type of material you may of heard of lately is shiplap. Shiplap is wood or MDF paneling that has notched edges that causes the overlapping joints to fit snuggly together, leaving a little groove between boards once hung. This material can be used natural or painted and can be used to create vertical, horizontal or even diagonal designs.

The last material we wanted to talk about is Stone. Stone on your fireplace feels right but stone on your walls-crazy right. But with the right material and in the right space, it can create a stunning effect. Their are many products out there that are made for interior walls. Stone can give you a natural, earthy feel but still display a classic and modern style.

If any of these types of feature walls interest or if you have a design you wish to see on your walls, please contact us so we may help your inspiration come to life!

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